Downloading OpenVnmrJ

If you only want to test OpenVnmrJ (OVJ) without building from source code, please read this document and then go to the download releases page. Read the disclaimer below.

Go to download releases page

Contributors that point out bugs, give suggestions, or help us prioritize issues are very welcome. You can use this software on a datastaion to process NMR spectra or on a spectrometer computer.

NMR Consoles

OVJ is compatible with these Varian/Agilent consoles:

  • Mercury
  • Inova
  • VnmrS
  • DD2
  • 400-MR
  • 400-MR_DD2
  • ProPulse

Getting pre-built OpenVnmrJ releases

The OVJ releases can be obtained from the OpenVnmrJ github site Releases

Building OpenVnmrJ

You can build OVJ by following the instructions in ovjTools


** Do not delete the Agilent supplied VnmrJ on your spectrometer **

  • Agilent service requires VnmrJ 4.2

To the fullest extent allowed by law, the work is provided “as-is” with no warrantees whatsoever, either expressed or implied, oral or written. Agilent specifically disclaims any warrantees of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This work is not a manufacturer’s release version. All disputes will be heard in the courts of California.

OpenVnmrJ is owned by the University of Oregon.